Man Up

One of the most defining factors about The Fathers House is how seriously we take God’s call for men to be leaders and liberators for the Kingdom of God. We provide multiple avenues for our men to be challenged, grow, and connect. We offer ministries and events such as 33 The Series, Squads, and our seasonal Man Up Events. We believe God is calling His men to “MAN UP!”

Learn more about our Man Up Ministries

Man Up Summit Man Up Summit is an annual Fall men's event where guys from The Father's House gather for fellowship, relevant teaching from Pastor Dan and Brad Sousa, and an inspirational message from Jim Morris— the man behind the true story of the 2002 film "The Rookie."
Squads A band of brothers (4-5 men) who stand together, fight for one another and live accountable, transparent and responsible lives alongside each other.
33 The Series A weekly group for Men.