Dominican Republic

The Father's House sent a group of young people to the Dominican Republic every May between 2012-2014. As part of our Immersion School of Discipleship, the students end their year by taking a trip to the Dominican Republic. Immersion and The Father's House have partnered with the non-profit organization Plant With Purpose to help meet agricultural needs as well as spiritual needs in the rural areas of the DR. Immersion and TFH have also partnered with the non-profit organization El Puente (The Bridge) which is a community center that reaches out to the university students in the main city of Santo Domingo.

The Father’s House youth ministry, the BRIDG3, has sponsored the village of Zumbador in the Dominican Republic since 2011 and has given about $3,000 a year to help fund their agricultural and economic needs. TFH has been able to send some of our youth to this village where they have made personal connections and have shared the love of Jesus.

TFH and Immersion have been blessed by the missions trips to the Dominican Republic and have helped invest in and expand the Kingdom of God in this beautiful country.