Our next season of House Groups begins January 21, 2018. If you haven't already plugged into a House Group, check out the list below and submit your info so we can connect you with a group leader of a group you may be interested in. Some groups are ongoing and you may be able to plug in now. Please submit your info and we'll get back to you.

Monday Groups

Marcus & Victoria Gomillion - Monday 6:00 pm (N. Escondido) Book Based Life Group

Joel & Bree Manahan - Monday 6:00 pm (Escondido) Video Lecture Series

Tuesday Groups

Taylor Petrich - Tuesday at 7:00 pm (San Marcos) Men's Study

Sarah Wimberly - Tuesday at 7:00 pm (Escondido) Women's Study

Wednesday Groups

Reigh & Theresa Harrison - Wednesday 6:30 pm (Escondido) Book Based Life Group

Irma Allen & Joy Williams - Wednesday 12:00 pm (Escondido) Book Based Life Group

Shane & Heather Rogers - Wednesday at 6:00 pm (San Marcos) Book Based Life Group

Mike & Evelyn Rogers - Wednesday at 6:30 pm (Escondido) Book Based Life Group

Ryan & Drew Walsh - Wednesday 7:00 pm (Escondido) Young Adults

Thursday Groups

Matt & Sarah Wimberly - Thursday 6:30 pm (Escondido) Book Based Life Group

Erik & Kathy Borgeson - Thursday at 7:00 pm (Vista) Book Based Life Group

Steve & Suzanne Fayak - Thursday 6:00 pm (Escondido) Families Battling Addiction

House Groups

House Groups intentionally build community through fun, growth, and accountability.

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