Is Jesus smart?

How would you answer the question, "Is Jesus smart?" Does it sound weird? I know it sounded weird to me when I first heard the question. Others of you may hear this question say, "Of course! He is God, isn't he?" And you would be correct with that affirmation. But let me ask you some more questions. When you think of people who are geniuses, brilliant, or extremely competent in their particular professions, what names pop into your head? Do you think of people like Mozart, Einstein, Newton or Plato? All of these people are indeed brilliant, but can you imagine Jesus composing symphonies better than Mozart, beating Einstein at answering complex mathematical equations, or having more insight than Plato into life's most significant questions?

For some reason, when we think of Jesus, we often think of a really sweet guy who said and did some really nice things. But we often fail to realize exactly how smart and competent Jesus really is. We fail to acknowledge him as having great ability and skill in every major field of research and knowledge. We know Jesus is great at telling us stuff that makes us feel good, but is it true that he actually has limitless knowledge of the most important and practical areas of life? Do we acknowledge Jesus as the maestro or genius in each of our various professions?

Paul says something quite illuminating and practical about Jesus. He claims that in Jesus Christ are "hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col 2:3). Maybe when we read that Scripture we simply think spiritual knowledge—knowledge that is somehow disengaged from our everyday lives. But Paul is very clear: all wisdom and knowledge about all things reside in Christ. When we begin to view Jesus as brilliant and competent in every profession we will actually have a motive for learning from him and trusting what he says about all of life. And that is when true discipleship begins.

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